Our Case Studies

At S&H Waterproofing, we take pride in showcasing our expertise through a range of successful case studies in waterproofing, foundation repair, and crawl space repair solutions. Our dedicated team has executed comprehensive waterproofing projects, ensuring that homes and structures remain safeguarded against water intrusion. We've tackled foundation repair challenges, employing innovative techniques to stabilize and strengthen the structural integrity of buildings. Additionally, our crawl space repair solutions have transformed neglected spaces into dry, clean, and energy-efficient areas. Each case study reflects our commitment to delivering tailored, effective solutions, providing peace of mind to our valued clients. Explore the success stories that define S&H Waterproofing's excellence.

40,000 square feet of Geo-Seal 60 forms VIMS for Prisma Health Center

MonoShield® Accelerates Redevelopment for Business Park

Vapors Mitigated in Houson Arts District

Nitra-Seal Protects Indoor Air Quality at Retail Center

Auto Dealership Re-Opening Moves Forward

Long Term Vapor Intrusion Protection

Barrier System Required for Elementary School

MonoShield Installed at Liberty Park

Landfill Site is Redeveloped Using TerraShield

Townhome Residents Protected from Vapors

Liberty Park First to Install Monoshield

Waste Management Approves Geo-Seal®