Whether you’re building a new commercial building for your budding business or you own an existing building for your established company in Piedmont, Alabama, S&H Waterproofing can help you protect its foundation. We have the expertise and resources necessary to provide you with effective foundation repairs and waterproofing services that will ensure a long-lasting and durable foundation for as long as you own your business.

foundation repair

Start Your Piedmont, Alabama Construction with a Strong Foundation

S&H Waterproofing can install features that will protect your commercial building’s foundation from the start. We can apply a waterproof membrane to your foundation’s walls and add drainage boards that will carry moisture to interior drains, which we’ll also install. We’ll work with your construction contractors to install any waterproofing features you choose.

Keep Your Foundation Moisture-Free

Even if soil erosion and hydrostatic pressure do not pose a significant threat or cause considerable damage to your foundation, you will still have to contend with moisture exposure, especially in the Piedmont, Alabama area. As such, we’ll use an epoxy injection to fill minor cracks in your foundation walls. The application forms a permanent bond with the concrete, strengthening the wall and forming a stronger moisture barrier.

shifting wall

Fix Shifting and Sinking Foundations

If you have noticed signs that the foundation of your commercial building has started to sink or shift, contact S&H Waterproofing right away. We have a variety of foundation repair options that will address this problem for your commercial property. Some of these include slab jacking or installing support piers, which are long-lasting solutions that will extend the lifetime of any commercial foundation. Scheduling these repairs soon after noticing a problem will help you avoid future foundation damage.

We’ll Help You Protect Your Commercial Foundation

S&H Waterproofing provides a full range of foundation waterproofing services to ensure your commercial building stays protected. Whether you need repairs or new waterproofing, we’ll help you keep your foundation dry and cool. To request a free estimate, contact us today.