VI Mitigation

Certain chemicals found in contaminated soil or groundwater can seep into your home or business. Typically, this is a particular form of vapor intrusion (VI) that occurs in the basement or foundation slabs of the building. As cracks form in the foundation, hazardous vapors can exude through, exposing occupants to health hazards caused by these chemical agents.

Discover the Advantages of Our VI Mitigation Services

With more than 13+ years of experience in providing VI mitigation services, S&H Waterproofing uses a variety of barriers to block vapor access to your home or business. Our trained and certified applicators provide the service you need, using the latest technologies to block vapor access in your basement or through your slab foundation.

Those technologies include the following:

  • TerraShield®
  • Nitra-Seal™
  • MonoShield®
  • Geo-Seal®
wall vapor barrier with drainage system

Ask about our VI mitigation services in Piedmont, Alabama, and we’ll discuss the benefits and applications of each type of vapor barrier with you.

Know What VI Mitigation in Piedmont, Alabama, Involves

There are three phases through which VI mitigation ensures maximum protection. First, we’ll close off the access points that vapors can use to get into the building by sealing cracks and openings around plumbing pipes and electrical wiring. We’ll also add a layer of concrete over any dirt floors if your basement isn’t finished.

Second, we’ll add the vapor barrier, which consists of geomembrane sheeting. The barrier is best installed during the construction phase, but we can always add it to an existing building’s foundation.

wall vapor barrier

Finally, passive venting gets installed beneath the building, which is necessary to give the vapors exit points so that their fumes don’t build up beneath the building. Like the installation of the vapor barrier, passive venting is another step that is best done with a new construction, though we can modify it for your existing home or business.

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S&H Waterproofing has earned a strong reputation for providing durable and reliable VI mitigation services throughout the Piedmont, Alabama, area.