Water Problems

Most people understand that water exposure can result in damage to the foundation of any residential or commercial building, but few know there are several different ways that water causes that damage. Knowing how water can adversely affect your foundation can help you choose the best alternatives for waterproofing.

Watch for Hydrostatic Pressure in Northern Alabama and NW Georgia

Flooding can result from a variety of conditions, such as heavy rainfall, melting snow, or broken plumbing pipes. When any one of these situations occurs, water might pool around the foundation of your home or business, and as it accumulates, it will press against the foundation, creating a force called hydrostatic pressure that can cause the foundation to bow, crack, or leak.

Keep an Eye on Your Soil

Another foundation problem that’s common in Northern Alabama and NW Georgia, is expansive soil. As the soil around your building absorbs moisture from rainfall, snow, or plumbing problems, it will expand, putting more pressure on the foundation by pushing up against it. When the soil around your home is dry, it tends to pull away from the foundation. As a result, it can cause your basement walls to crack or bow, or it can heave a slab foundation.

wet soil

Soil Erosion Leads to Problems

Over time, rainwater erodes the soil surrounding the foundation of your Northern Alabama or NW Georgia home, resulting in foundation settlement, which can cause one part of the foundation to sink and force another section to rise. You can easily miss early signs of erosion, which include the following:

  • Uneven floors
  • Windows and doors that are difficult to close
  • Cracks in the drywall
  • Tilting or shifting chimneys
  • Tilting or shifting chimneys
  • Exterior wall cracks
  • Bowing walls
  • Stair-step cracks in basement walls

If you notice any of these signs of soil erosion, reach out to S&H Waterproofing about our foundation repair and waterproofing services. Addressing these issues as soon as you notice them can help you avoid more extensive (and expensive) foundation damage.

interior dry wall crack

Trust Our Waterproofing Services

S&H Waterproofing has a variety of options to help you protect your foundation from water damage. We’ll evaluate your foundation and provide a written assessment of your waterproofing needs. Get started by contacting us today.