Foundation Problems

There are several factors that can lead to foundation problems, and failing to correct these issues will result in significant structural damage. Once you know what can cause a foundation problem, you’ll be better prepared to contact S&H Waterproofing for repair services in Northern Alabama and NW Georgia.

bowed wall and crack

The Causes of Foundation Damage in Northern Alabama and NW Georgia

There are a few different causes of foundation damage in this part of the country. Some of these causes are preventable, but most factors are beyond your control, including the following:

Poor Drainage

If you don’t have a good drainage system around your foundation, water will pool around it and lead to erosion. Once the water deteriorates enough of the foundation, it can seep into your basement or crawl space, which, in addition to cracking, can cause your home’s walls to bow or bend.

water pooling

Soil Shifting

If the soil around your home becomes oversaturated with water, it will get heavier and expand, which can cause a full foundational shift or a foundation slab to heave. Watch for large or long cracks around doors, windows, or the corners of your home, as these can all be clear indicators of foundation settlement.

Tree Roots

Trees pose an unseen threat to your home’s foundation in Northern Alabama and NW Georgia. Even a tree that’s several feet away from your property can damage the building’s foundation, as roots tend to grow long or deep. As the roots push against the foundation, they can cause cracking or shifting.

Trust the Foundation Repair Experts

With years of experience serving residential and commercial customers throughout Northern Alabama and NW Georgia, S&H Waterproofing is familiar with the foundation repair needs unique to the region. We’ll provide you with an evaluation of your foundation problems and offer the most cost-effective methods for fixing the issue. Contact us today to request a free estimate.