Foundation Repair Solutions

There are a few different foundation repair solutions to choose from to resolve your foundation issues. The one you need will depend on the severity of the damage, the likelihood of similar damage occurring in the future, and your personal preferences. S&H Waterproofing can recommend the best solution for any situation.

Fix Minor to Moderate Damage in Any Northern Alabama or NW Georgia Foundation

Throughout the year and the varying seasons, the soil around your home or business in Northern Alabama or NW Georgia, will shift. The soil can expand and shrink depending on moisture and variations in the temperature. These movements are enough to apply pressure on your building’s foundation and cause cracking.

S&H Waterproofing offers the following options to solve your minor to moderate foundation repair needs:

  • Helical and push piers
  • Wall anchors
  • I-beams
  • Carbon fiber strap wall repair
  • Wall crack injections

Once we evaluate your foundation damage, we’ll recommend the repair options that are best for your situation.

exterior piers
foundation wall cracks

Do You Have Severely Damaged Walls?

While we can correct several problems with the walls in your basement foundation, some damage might be too severe for repairs. Even in that situation, we can help you fix your Northern Alabama or NW Georgia home’s foundation.

We provide full wall replacement services that will restore the condition of your basement. A new basement wall can protect your home’s frame, eliminate water leaks, and provide you with a foundation you can trust for decades.

Piering Provides Greater Support

If your home or commercial building is heavier or if the surrounding soil is consistently saturated, you will likely need longer-lasting foundation support. We’ll jack up the foundation and excavate the surrounding soil to install concrete or steel-pressed pilings into the ground to provide that dependable support.

After all of the pilings are in place, we’ll cap them and lower your foundation down onto these supports. Since the pilings get pushed down until they meet resistance, you won’t have to worry about future shifting or sinking.

Protect Your Foundation the Right Way

S&H Waterproofing uses proven methods for repairing and protecting any foundation in Northern Alabama and NW Georgia, and we’ll help you choose the best repair solution for your situation. Get started by contacting us and asking about scheduling a free estimate.