Crawl Space Repair

Crawl spaces are a common source of headaches for homeowners, given that moisture and humidity are common in our area. This leads to mold, mildew, and standing water that can cause musty odors to seep into your home, disrupt your foundation's stability, and even cause sagging floors. With that in mind, most people don’t inspect their crawl spaces regularly, which can make it difficult to spot any problems with them until they have festered for a long time, leading to substantial water damage.

S&H Waterproofing offers full encapsulations service and water mitigation systems in Northern Alabama and NW Georgia, that will help you repair your crawl space and prevent future damage by adding a protective layer and direct water out of your crawl space.

wet crawl space

Improve the Condition of Your Northern Alabama or NW Georgia Crawl Space

When we encapsulate crawl spaces, we install a strong, durable polyurethane barrier throughout the crawl space ground and walls. Also known as a vapor barrier, it will serve as an effective method of keeping moisture and humidity from accumulating within your crawl space. In addition to a vapor barrier, we often install a perimeter drainage system that feeds into a sump pump to direct water away from your foundation. An exterior drainage system and yard drainage moves water further away from the foundation.

moldy joists

Prevent Mildew and Mold Growth

Long-standing moisture and humidity are the two elements that mildew and mold rely on to grow, and unfortunately, these conditions are both common in the Northern Alabama and NW Georgia area. An unprotected crawl space will serve as the ideal environment for these contaminants, leading to wood rot and health hazards for anyone in the home.

Since our encapsulation barrier eliminates these conditions, mildew and mold won’t be able to thrive, meaning you’ll avoid the hazards to your home’s structure and your family’s health.

Reduce Energy Waste

Since the climate in your crawl space will stay dry and cool, you will not have to worry about humidity seeping into your living space. Your indoor humidity will stay at a comfortable level allowing your HVAC system to use less energy making your appliances/electronics operate more efficiently.

Protect Your Crawl Space Today!

S&H Waterproofing can help you keep your crawl space cool and dry with our encapsulation service. Learn more about this service and request your free estimate today.