Waterproofing Solutions

Even though your basement might already have a sump pump in place to help remove water that bypasses your foundation’s walls, there are additional methods you can use to prevent moisture exposure. You can protect the foundation of your residential or commercial building in Piedmont, Alabama, by contacting S&H Waterproofing for waterproofing solutions.

Seal Leaks in Your Piedmont, Alabama, with Epoxy

Even if your foundation’s walls only have minor cracks, moisture can still seep in through them. We can seal those cracks in your basement walls and floors with an exterior drainage system and an epoxy barrier. Once the epoxy barrier is applied, it bonds with the existing concrete to form a strong and durable coating.

exterior stair step crack

Add a Vapor Barrier

S&H Waterproofing can also install a thin layer of polyethylene sheeting along your interior foundation walls, which serves as a reliable vapor barrier to keep moisture out of your basement. When condensation does occur inside your basement, the vapor barrier will deliver it to your internal drainage system instead of allowing it to seep up and into your home.

Choose an Interior or Exterior Drainage System

You can choose to have an exterior or interior drainage system installed in your Piedmont, Alabama property. For maximum protection, installing both systems will help you combat water damage from a variety of sources.

An internal system would run along the walls inside your basement, catching water from any plumbing and foundation wall leaks, while an external system would surround the outside of the building and catch rainfall, carrying it away from your home or commercial property.

installing drainage system

Find Out Which Waterproofing Solutions Are Right for You

S&H Waterproofing will provide an in-person evaluation of your foundation, which will help us recommend the best waterproofing options for your home or business. To get started, contact us to request a free evaluation and estimate.