Exterior Drainage

While you can install systems inside your basement that will help you protect your foundation, there are also steps to take in exterior foundation protection.

Primarily, protecting the outside of your foundation involves directing rainwater away from your home. Water that’s allowed to pool or flood the area around your Northern Alabama or NW Georgia home will erode your foundation.

Change the Grading Around Your Northern Alabama or NW Georgia Home

One of the first things to consider is the contour of the land around your home. Even though construction codes require foundation walls or slabs to stand six feet above the soil at the highest point, that may not be sufficient protection if the land slopes toward your home.

Changing the grade of the soil so that it slopes away from your foundation will give you better control over the flow of water. As the rain falls, it will flow away from your home rather than pooling around your foundation.

Install French Drains Around Your Residential or Commercial Building

S&H Waterproofing can install a French drain system around the building on your property to direct water away from the foundation. This involves excavating the ground around the perimeter of the structure and laying an enclosed drain in the trench. The drain will capture rainwater and carry it away from your home or commercial business.

Extend Your Sump Pump Drain Line

If your Northern Alabama or NW Georgia building has a sump pump to keep the basement or crawl space dry, you already have a system for carrying that water outside. However, the sump pump drain might empty out too close to your home or business. We can extend that drainage to ensure the discharged water won’t flood your foundation from the outside. In addition, downspout extensions can divert water away from the foundation.

sump pump drainage

Talk to the Waterproofing Pros About Exterior Drainage

If you’re concerned about your home’s drainage, S&H Waterproofing can help you choose a drainage option that will work well on your property. Our services will give you better control over managing rainfall on your residential or commercial property. To request a free estimate, contact us.