Water and moisture absorption are ongoing concerns in protecting any residential or commercial building’s foundation. It doesn’t take long before exposure to moisture begins to erode and damage your basement or slab foundation. S&H Waterproofing offers effective and affordable solutions that combat moisture exposure.

We Waterproof the Foundation of Any Northern Alabama or NW Georgia Structure

Whether you own a home or a small business, we will modify our waterproofing services to meet your unique needs. We also offer foundation waterproofing for new construction. We’ll work with your home building contractor to install waterproofing features during the building phase. This can save you a lot of money down the road.

Our services include installing water and air mitigation systems that will help keep out moisture and humidity. Our waterproofing solutions include drainage systems, sump pumps, dehumidifier, exterior drainage system, and exterior membranes to protect your home. We’ll also repair vapor barriers that have become damaged over time.

sump pump

Trust Our Self-Contained Waterproofing Systems

S&H Waterproofing installs water mitigation systems that control the flow of water in your basement and surrounding your home. We’ll protect your Northern Alabama or NW Georgia, basement or slab foundation with a water-repellent coating. For added protection, we’ll also install a vapor barrier inside your basement.

Rely on Our High-Quality Repairs

Our team is fully trained and experienced in performing masonry work. This means we can repair any damage that your Northern Alabama or NW Georgia basement or slab foundation has suffered and permanently seal any cracks in your basement walls, floors, or slab.

We work on both finished and unfinished basements, and no jobs are too big or too small for us to handle. No matter what type of waterproofing repairs or installation you need, S&H Waterproofing has the expertise and equipment to handle it.

installing drainage system

We’ll Guarantee Your Satisfaction

When you’re ready to address your foundation waterproofing needs, trust the experts at S&H Waterproofing. We’ll start by evaluating the condition of your foundation so that we can provide you with an accurate written assessment. Contact our waterproofing specialists today to request your free estimate.