New Constructions Waterproofing

If you’re building your dream home or developing a property for a commercial business, you have more options for waterproofing your foundation than you might initially think. Considering these methods during the planning stages will help you include them in your home or business in Piedmont, Alabama, and S&H Waterproofing can install these features for you.

Start with a Waterproofing Membrane in Piedmont, Alabama

A waterproofing membrane is typically a spray-on formula that gets applied to the foundation walls after their construction is complete. Once it dries, it serves as an initial barrier that will prevent moisture from forming on your foundation walls.

wall vapor barrier with drainage system

Add a Dimpled or Channeled Drainage Board

Using a drainage board as you develop your Piedmont, Alabama, foundation is a better option than using a regular insulation board. That’s because it provides moisture protection in addition to adding to the basement’s R-value, which is a measure of the insulation's ability to reduce heat flow. The drainage board will help direct moisture to the drainage system.

Install an Interior Drain Tile

While you can add an interior drain tile to an existing home or commercial building, it’s more convenient and cost-effective to include one in your initial construction plans, given that there won’t be a need to excavate or tear up a basement floor to install the system.

Similar to a sump pump, which you should also install, an interior drain will carry water out of your basement and away from your Piedmont, Alabama, home’s foundation. You can also add an exterior drain for maximum protection against flooding caused by heavy rainfall.

installing drainage system

Leave Waterproofing to the Pros

S&H Waterproofing can assist in the planning and construction of your new home or business. We’ll install waterproofing as your foundation is constructed to ensure it will always have protection against moisture and humidity. Get started by requesting a free estimate today.