Leak Repair

Leaks in your basement or crawl space can lead to a plethora of different problems. The moisture and water that accesses these parts of the building can damage the walls and floors of your foundation. You might also have to deal with the slew of health hazards associated with mildew and mold growth if the moisture is left untreated. Thankfully, S&H Waterproofing offers reliable leak repair services to help you deal with any sort of situation like this.

wet basement

Look for Signs of a Leak in Your Northern Alabama or NW Georgia Home

While some leaks are obvious, others might not be so easy to identify. It’s not always easy to spot a foundation leak, and any moisture that seeps in through new or smaller leaks can dry up before you have time to spot the problem.

Examine Track Strips in Your Home

Track strips cover areas where carpeting or flooring ends. Typically, these are metal, which means they can rust. Therefore, if you see rust forming on the strips or on the flooring close to the strips, it could be a clear indication of a leak in your foundation.

Noticing Powder on Your Walls

Even if your basement or crawl space appears dry, there can still be obvious signs that you need our leak repair services. Look for efflorescence on the walls or floor, which appear as small amounts of minerals that water leaves behind after it dries. If you see a powdery, white substance in the basement of your home contact S&H Waterproofing and we can help you detect and find a solution to your water intrusion issues.

Leaks Can Lead to Larger Problems

Leaking foundations can lead to larger issues like walls becoming more porous, causing the walls and floor to pit requiring more intensive fixes, like full wall replacement. In addition, leaks can degrade wood joists and cause structural problems in and under your home. When your foundation is wet for extended periods of time, this allows for mold and mildew formation which is a hazard to your family's health.

bad joists from flooded crawl space

Contact the Waterproofing Pros

S&H Waterproofing provides effective, reliable, and affordable foundation leak repair. If you suspect that you have a leak in your foundation, contact us to request a free estimate.